Cloth Diaper Information and Resources

Cloth Diaper Review

So you want to cloth diaper, or at least you think you want to cloth diaper and you’re doing some cloth diaper research. Awesome! This should clear a lot of your questions up. I’m going to explain the different types and styles of cloth diapers along with their pros and cons. I’ll also address cloth diaper sizing.

Let’s start from (generally) cheapest to most expensive, the list is also in order of what is generally viewed as least to most convenient. Keep in mind that all methods have their pros and cons and the most “convenient” may not be the right diaper method for you.

Cloth Diaper Fabric Comparison

You’ll often hear or read about the various materials used in cloth diapering. It may seem overwhelming and difficult to know what’s what. Don’t worry! I’m going to explain the most common materials used in cloth diapers and accessories, what they’re used for, and their pros and cons. There are variations of each material but most fabrics are made from the following materials.

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

If you’ve done any research on washing cloth diapers, you’ve probably been confused, convinced it’s not worth it, and all but given up. Do not be intimidated! Yes, there are some “rules” to washing your cloth diapers but it’s nothing you can’t handle, promise. The basic goals of washing cloth diapers is to maintain their absorbency and ensure they don’t get stinky. If they’re stinky, there’s a problem and your baby’s red bottom will let you know.